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without ceremony

In today's economically difficult time, the interest in the funeral service without ceremony is steadily increasing. This least expensive variant of the funeral is a solution for survivors who, for various reasons, do not want a final farewell in the ceremonial hall or church.

We would like to allow each of our customers in and around Prague to make the last farewell to their wishes. Cremation (funeral without ceremony) will be performed on a predetermined day.

If the funeral orderer so wishes, it is possible to ensure his presence at the cremation.

Discounted internet price when ordering online

13.826 CZK without VAT

15.900 CZK with 15% VAT

Please fill out the short form, we will get back to you and arrange everything for you

Funeral without ceremony includes:

Transport of the deceased from Prague and its surroundings

Clothing for the deceased - shroud

Cremation of the deceased in the Strašnice or Motol crematorium (Prague).

Cremation coffin

Official urn

Securing the death certificate

Funeral without ceremony does not include:

Possible fees for refrigeration equipment at other funeral homes or medical facilities

Any other ordered services

The funeral without ceremony is provided by the Pohřební služba Helfi r.r.o.

As part of this wide range of services, we will arrange for the surviving funeral and everything necessary so that they do not have to deal with other burdensome matters at this emotional moment.

We will be pleased to answer any of your questions on the NONSTOPfuneral service line +420 602 210 601