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Funeral Service

Our funeral service Prague provides comprehensive funeral services so that the grieving family does not have to deal with matters that are a burden for her in such a situation.

Need a

Our main region of operation is Prague and its surroundings, but we provide transportation of the deceased from anywhere in the Czech Republic as well as transportation of the deceased from abroad.

In the Prague region, our funeral service is in place within thirty minutes. In the event of the death of a loved one, we will help you arrange a funeral, we will also help you fill in all necessary forms.

Funeral service Prague provides transport of the deceased, coffins, urns, funeral bouquets, funeral wreaths, funeral announcements - parte, we will advise you on everything you need, such as choosing a funeral song.

Our Funeral Service Prague provides funerals to the ground and cremation, church ceremonies and civil ceremonies.

Please choose from
the following funeral variants

What to bring
to our office

Identity card

Identity card of the deceased (if available) and funeral orderer.

Dress for the deceased

Bring funeral services to the office even if the deceased was taken to autopsy.