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We can arrange a funeral at the calmness of your home, so we could ease your difficult life situation as much as possible. After the death of your loved one, be free to call us on number +420 602 210 601, any time day or night..

We will provide all services for you – from the transportation of the deceased to ensuring the funeral bouquets or wreaths. In case you are interested in our funeral service, we can arrange anything what is possible for you. We can also provide a Ceremonial Hall.

Only thing you have to do is to call us, to set a time when our employees should visit you.

Choosing a funeral service is of course fully on Your decision, nevertheless if you decide to choose our funeral service HELFI, we can guarantee you certainty of professional services and ethical approach of our employees

Transportation of the deceased from anywhere in Czech Republic

Transportation of the deceased from abroad

Help with the completion of necessary forms

Execution of the death certificate from the register

Ensuring the coffin

Ensuring the urn

Ordering funeral wreaths and bouquets (natural and artificial)

Printing of the funeral obituary

Funeral – A farewell in Ceremonial Halls or Churches

Ensuring the Cremation

Burial of the deceased or in case, disperse of ashes

Taxi service - Transportation of the mourners to the funeral and from the funeral

If you want the coffin to be put in the ground or in a tomb, our funeral service will provide all.

Full arrangement of the funeral, civil and religious one

Providing a speaker or a priest

Excavation of the grave

Transfer or transportation of the coffin or urn to the burial place

Transfer of the funeral bouquets or wreaths

Lacing a coffin in to the grave

Filling the grave

In case of interest, we can provide a taxi service or mourning

Trough whole time we guarantee you our professional and ethical approach. Burial can be religious or the civil one .We can provide you both.

For further informations call us on number: +420 602 210 601

Cremation without the ceremony is a cremation of the deceased , without the ceremony in the Ceremony hall. If you wish , we can arrange your presence at cremation.

Cremation with the ceremony is a last farewell of the mourners with the deceased in the choosed Ceremony hall or a Church.

Crematory Praha Strašnice – Grand ceremonial hall

Crematory Praha Strašnice - Small ceremonial hall (Baxova)

Crematory Praha Strašnice - na Olšanech - New ceremonial hall

Crematory Praha Motol – Ceremonial hall in Motol crematory

Crematory Praha Strašnice – Central ceremonial hall na Olšanech

Crematory Praha Strašnice – Vinohrady chapel

Our funeral service Helfi can provide your presence at the cremation and at the coffin. A matter of course is our full service at all levels, including lending of the funeral wreaths. After the cremation we will give you the urn, or in case, we can place it where you would like(in the grave, tomb, Columbarium), eventually we can disperse the ashes on the memorial lawns.

Selection of songs – You can choose the music in the section selection of songs.

If you need to arrange the funeral, call us on number 602 210 601. If you wish, we can either come to your home, or we can send a Taxi for You at the arranged time in Prague and nearby, to come at our office, where we can agree on how the funeral should look like and other related services. You would not have to drive or use a city transport in difficult moments. We will be pleased to pay the taxi for you.

Funeral service Helfi is a specialist in quick transportations of the deceased. We are able to be anywhere in Prague within 30 minutes.

After the death of your loved one call us on number +420 602 210 601

Thanks to the advanced technical support, we can arrange transport of the deceased to any part of the Czech Republic using only our own service. That is why we can guarantee a smooth course of the whole process.

Our funeral service owns modern car fleet and we also have a Rolls Royce which is a true gem amongst funeral vehicles.

In this case, our funeral service offers complete service. We are well acquainted with the common regulations and laws in different countries, so we can offer you exact fillings of needed formalities that are necessary for the transfer.

Providing a special coffin

Execution of hygienic permissions

Ensuring a special cooling vehicle or in case, providing a special coffin for planes, including tickets for mourners

Balsaming of the deceased (required in some countries)

Customs service